Tracheostomy Awareness Training Course

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Course Description

This online Tracheostomy training course will teach learners sufficient skills and knowledge on how to care for an individual with a tracheostomy. A vital course for any health care staff who come into contact with those who have a tracheostomy.

All healthcare staff responsible for the care of tracheostomy patients must have a sound understanding of best practices especially if they are unfamiliar with them.

Our Tracheostomy training course will familiarise learners with the different types of tracheostomy tubes, the relevant anatomy and physiology, and the care and management of the site and tube. It covers any complications, emergency procedures, and how to troubleshoot. Learning the relevant skills and knowledge is important as incorrect management and care can result in complications and negatively impacting upon the patient’s activities of daily living.

Upon successful completion, learners will receive a downloadable and printable Tracheostomy certification.

Learning Outcomes:

    On completion of this online Tracheostomy care training, learners should know and understand the following: 
    What is a tracheostomy?
    - Recognise what a tracheostomy is and indications
    Accountability and consent
    - Discuss accountability and consent in relation to tracheostomy
    Anatomy and physiology
    - Label relevant Anatomy & Physiology
    Types of tracheostomy tubes
    - Identify different types of tracheostomy tubes
    Complications and troubleshooting
    - Identify and discuss complications and troubleshooting
    Nursing care
    - Be familiar with nursing care including suction, humidification, documentation & infection control, dressing change, inner cannula and full tube change
    Life with tracheostomy
    - Life with tracheostomy: communication, swallowing, person centred care & discuss the patient journey
    Emergency procedures and your role and responsibility
    - Discuss emergency procedure and your role and responsibility within the workplace

    Course Outline

    The aim of this Tracheostomy course is to greater increase your knowledge of caring for those with a tracheostomy safely and effectively.

    The key points covered in this course are:
    • What is a tracheostomy?
    • Accountability and consent
    • Anatomy and physiology
    • Types of tracheostomy tubes
    • Complications and troubleshooting
    • Nursing care
    • Life with tracheostomy
    • Emergency procedures and your role and responsibility

    This course takes between 1-2 hours to complete and gain your certificate.

    Entry and Level:
    There are no barriers to entry on this training online course. This is an awareness course, suitable for all.

    On completion of this online course, either download your certificate or access it at a later date online.

    This course is CPD accredited and delivered by a Skills for Care endorsed provider. It meets accepted Continuing Professional Development (CPD) guidelines.

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