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Learning247 offer state-of-the-art online-learning and self-study multimedia programs across virtually every training area: IT Certification, Web & Graphic Design, Business & Accounting, Project Management, Lifestyle, Health, Social care, A' Levels & IGCSE's, Personal Development, CAD, CPD & much more...

We stock a massive range of low-cost & immediate-access training and can provide custom quotes and bundles for all levels. Our website is highly informative and coverts well, producing a high level of repeat business. Come & join our success!

Affiliate Program Advantages:

  • Massive and wide-reaching range of training products that appeal to a huge range of customers.
  • Customers get immediate access to 24x7 online multimedia modules.
  • No physical products to ship; meaning fast order-processing, great customer-service and very low returns.
  • We offer a ‘beat any quote’ policy to get the sale.
  • Multiple offers run continually to keep potential customers coming back.
  • 30 day cookie window
  • 20% commission on all direct sales.

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