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Course Description

Intravenous therapy is used to administer medication, fluids and nutrients directly into the vein using a needle or tube. Ideal for healthcare staff, this online CPD accredited IV Drug Therapy training course teaches learners about IV therapy, including the correct use of equipment and possible complications of intravenous therapy.

IV therapy has historically been used in hospitals to treat dehydrated or nutrient-deficient patients, as well as those who cannot take medication orally. Injecting fluids, nutrients and medication intravenously allows them to be absorbed immediately into the bloodstream and, therefore, take effect more quickly.

This practice should only be carried out by a skilled professional, so our online IV Drug Therapy is suitable for those working in a clinical or care setting, such as nurses. In this course, learners will be taught the correct methods to carry out cannulation intravenous therapy, as well as learning about patient management during and after IV therapy and the potential complications of intravenous therapy.

Learning Outcomes:

    On completion of this IV Drug Therapy course, learners should know and understand the following:

    Understand IV Therapy
    - Understand, define and learn about Intravenous Therapy, IV Drug therapy, and intravenous medication
    Cannulation procedure
    - Learn how to choose and use a cannula correctly
    Use of IV equipment
    - What equipment is needed and should always be available before starting
    Treatment preparation
    - How to prepare for cannulation and IV therapy
    Effects of treatment
    - The different sides effects of IV therapy
    Infection control
    - Understand the infection control aspects of IV therapy
    Consent and recording data
    - Learn why consent is so important and what data you require to record
    - The safe handling of sharps and sharps disposal

    Course Outline

    The aim of this IV Drug Therapy course is to greater increase your understanding of intravenous therapy and awareness of its associated risks.

    The key points covered in this course are:
    • Understand IV Therapy    
    • Cannulation procedure
    • Use of IV equipment
    • Treatment preparation
    • Effects of treatment
    • Infection control
    • Consent and recording data
    • Sharps

    This course takes between 1-2 hours to complete and gain your certificate.

    Entry and Level:
    There are no barriers to entry on this training online course. This is an awareness course, suitable for all.

    On completion of this online course, either download your certificate or access it at a later date online.

    This course is CPD accredited and delivered by a Skills for Care endorsed provider. It meets accepted Continuing Professional Development (CPD) guidelines.

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