Introduction to Safe Handling of Medicines CPD Accredited Course

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Course Description

Learning how to handle, administer, and store medication safely is important for everyone, especially those employed in the healthcare field. This valuable skill ensures that you and your patients remain safe and as healthy as possible. These guidelines also help organizations and agencies develop their own policies on the subject, giving them a chance to increase security and safety in their own facilities. These policies reduce the likelihood of errors and mistakes happening at all levels, as they are built on a system of double checks and verification.

This course provides you with a comprehensive introduction to the safe handling of medicines. It begins by giving you an overview of the classifications of medicines according to UK law and provides you with several important terms and definitions. It also talks about the relevant legalization and guidelines you should be aware of, along with the seven rights of medication administration. Policies for record-keeping and the roles of various individuals involved are also discussed. Finally, the course gives you proper storage and dispensing produces, along with a discussion of the routes of entry and levels of support your patients may require.

You Will Learn:

  • The legal classification of medications in the UK
  • Important terms and definitions
  • The rules and regulations involved in medicine handling and storage
  • The seven rights of medicine administration
  • Proper procedures for storing and dispensing medicine
  • The levels of support patients may require and the various routes of entry

Benefits of Taking this Course

  • Learning the key terms involved in medicine administration
  • Gaining insight into the legislative requirements and government-issued guidelines
  • Understanding the role of individuals in medicine administration
  • Learning the seven rights of dispensing medication
  • Learning the proper storing and dispensing methods

Who can take the course?
Anyone who has an interest in learning more about this subject matter is encouraged to take the course. There are no entry requirements to take the course.

What is the structure of the course?
The course is broken down into 5 individual modules. Each module takes between 20 and 90 minutes on average to study. Although you are free to spend as much or as little time as you feel necessary on each module, simply log in and out of the course at your convenience.

Where / when can I study the course?
You can study the course any time you like. Simply log in and out of the web-based course as often as you require. The course is compatible with all computers, tablet devices, and smartphones so you can even study while on the move!

Is there a test at the end of the course?
Once you have completed all modules there is a multiple-choice test. The questions will be on a range of topics found within the modules. The test, like the course, is online and can be taken a time and location of your choosing.

What is the pass mark for the final test?
The pass mark for the test is 70%. If you don’t pass the test the first time you will get further opportunities to take the test again after extra study. There are no limits to the number of times you can take the test. All test retakes are included within the price of the course.

When will I receive my certificate?
Once you have completed your test you can log in to your account and download/print your certificate any time you need it.

How long does it take to complete the course?
We estimate that the course will take about 3 hours to complete in total, plus an additional 30 minutes for the end of course test.

Course Content

  • Module 1: Medications and Terminology
  • Module 2: Relevant Legislation and the Seven Rights
  • Module 3: Roles of Involved Individuals and Record Keeping Techniques
  • Module 4: Procedures for Storing and Dispensing Medicine
  • Module 5: Levels of Support and Routes of Entry

Course Detail

  • Course Access: Lifetime
  • Exams Included: Yes 
  • Compatibility: All major browsers/devices
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