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Course Description

Multimedia Specialist is the fourth course in the CIW Web And Mobile Design series. This course teaches the essentials of using Multimedia technologies in digital marketing and business. This course builds your skills in creating graphical images, recording audio and video elements and other content for use in Websites, marketing resources and learning environments. You will learn about storyboards, lighting, shooting video, camera angles, audio and video editing.

This course will also apply project management tasks and critical thinking as you learn how to create and incorporate a variety of multimedia elements in Websites, marketing and other business solutions. You will also learn why accessibility, ethics and legal topics are important to consider when creating Multimedia solutions.

The CIW Multimedia Specialist course prepares students to take the high-stakes CIW Multimedia Specialist certification exam (1D0-724).

Advantages of this course

  • Study online at your own pace with the comprehensive, easy to navigate courseware. Materials are available 24/7, 365 days a year, meaning students can enjoy convenient and flexible learning that can be completed around existing home and work commitments.
  • If you do run into technical issues, our support team is available to help.
  • Prove your new-found knowledge by sitting the accompanying CIW examination.
  • Show off your new skills by adding them to your CV or LinkedIn profile, and impress future employers.

Target AudienceIndividuals preparing to enter or continue in the workforce fields of digital design, Website development, and design can benefit from the CIW Multimedia Specialist course and/or certification:

  • High school students
  • College students
  • Technical/trade school students

Professionals working in Digital Design, Website development and design fields for any industry can benefit from the CIW Multimedia Specialist course and/or certification:

  • Web and graphic designers
  • Digital marketing professionals
  • Mobile application developers
  • Art/creative directors
  • Advertising professionals
  • Entrepreneurs

Job Responsibilities
Digital Design, Website development and design job responsibilities can include:

  • Storyboarding marketing campaigns and advertisements.
  • Recording audio and video clips for digital marketing projects
  • Editing audio and video recordings for digital marketing projects
  • Creating graphical images, animations and other multimedia elements


The CIW Multimedia Specialist courseware requires an understanding of computers, internet technologies, and basic graphic design principles. We suggest CIW Internet Business Associate and Site Development Associate or equivalent knowledge.


Introduction to Multimedia on the Web
What Is Multimedia?
Multimedia and Your Web Presence
Multimedia job roles and searches
Current Multimedia Capabilities
Animation and the Web
Audio and the Web
Video and the Web
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
Multimedia and Today's Mobile Devices
Multimedia and User Interaction
Selecting the Right Multimedia Elements
Integrating Multimedia into a Website
Accessibility and Privacy Issues
Project Management Tasks in Multimedia Development Strategies
Website Issues and Solutions
Time Management Analysis

Creating Graphical Images for the Web
Digital Imaging Concepts
Raster vs. Vector Graphics
Graphics Applications
Image File Formats
Creating and Optimizing Images
Essential Graphic Design Concepts
Digital Photography Concepts
Creating Images for Mobile Platforms
Image Metadata and Tagging
Publishing Images to the Web

Planning Multimedia Content for the Web
Determining Your Audience
Getting Data from Your Audience
Making Data-Driven Decisions
Presenting a Case for Multimedia
Addressing the Audience
Presenting a Draft of Multimedia Content
Developing a Storyline
Writing a Script
Creating the Storyboard
Gathering Multimedia Elements
Multimedia Bandwidth Considerations
Soliciting Feedback
Effective Multimedia Presentations
Asset Storage Management
Standards for Leadership Techniques and Customer Service Strategies

Preparing to Capture High-Quality Video Content
Equipment, Resources and Talent for Video Creation
Setting Up Equipment
Environment for Capturing Video and Audio
Proper Lighting for Video
Backlighting vs. Frontlighting
Use Multiple Cameras in Video
Using Microphones Effectively
Bumper Music for Videos
Choosing the Right Shot
The Purpose of Zooming
Creating Wide-Angle Shots
Creating Cutaway Shots
Changing Angles
Planning a Video Clip to Promote a Business

Creating Content for a Video Project and Developing Video for Mobile Devices
Recording the Video
Recording Live Audio
Incorporating Still Images into Video
Incorporating Sound Effects and Clips into Video
Adding Bumper Music and Titles
Using "B-Roll" for Alternative Footage
Cross-Device Compatibility for Video
Video Formats for Mobile Devices
Bandwidth Considerations for Mobile Devices
Native Development Tools for Mobile Devices
Responsive Design and Mobile Video

Editing Video Content
Using Video-Editing Software and Techniques
Determining Video and Topic Lengths
Panning a Video or Image
Inserting Additional Media
Removing Common Video Errors
Editing Audio Files in Audacity
Repairing Audio Issues in Audacity
Rearranging Video Sequence
Applying Metadata Tags
Using Closed Captioning
Implementing Accessibility Compliance

Publishing Video Content to the Web
Video Hosting Platforms and Options
Incorporating Video into HTML5 Pages
Publishing Video to Website and a Learning Management System (LMS)
Publishing Video to a Cloud Service Provider
Testing Your Website on MultipleBrowsers

Copyright, Ethics and Legal Considerations
Copyright Laws Affecting Video and Audio Development
Why Accessibility?
Netiquette and Cultural Considerations
Legal vs Ethical Issues
Why Consider Global Laws?
Security Standards
How Does Ethics Affect Videos?

Course Detail

Online Access : 1 Year
Compatibility : Windows, Mac
Exam Included : Yes

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