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Course Description

This course and exam package enables people with no prior subject knowledge in this discipline to gain the skills and knowledge needed to work effectively in today’s business environment. The exam, taken at the end of the course, is the means to gaining CIW Internet Business Associate certification. Those who pass will have permanent proof of their foundation knowledge of the important technologies that affect virtually every business operating today.

The CIW Internet Business Associate course and exam are aimed at:

  • Students at high school or college – seeking a place in higher education or their first career position
  • Professionals in a wide range of sectors which actively benefit from Internet technology, including:
  • Information technology
  • Healthcare
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Graphic Design

Students can add certification to their academic qualifications, while professionals can increase their existing skill set and raise their value in their current employment.

Key learning points

The course

The purpose of the course is to equip learners with a powerful core knowledge of the Internet, and apply the foundation skills required for further specialization. Content includes:

  • Internet connection methods, Internet protocols, the Domain Name System (DNS) and cloud computing
  • The basic functions of web browsers, the components of web addresses, the use and control of cookies, and browser use in the business world
  • Browser plug-ins and add-ons, and use of browsers to download and manage files
  • Databases as they relate to web search engines, and ways to conduct basic and advanced web searches
  • Configuration and use of e-mail clients, guidelines for effective communication over the Internet using modern web technologies and social networking tools
  • Internet research and collaboration tools, software development tools, and the patent and licensing practices that accompany software applications
  • Issues and risks associated with the Internet, and the security measures that can keep your computer system and your personal information secure
  • Fundamental elements of project and program management, and the importance of acquiring these skills for all IT job roles.
The exam
  • The CIW Internet Business Associate exam (1D0-61A) lasts for 30 minutes and contains 30 questions testing candidates’ knowledge of the content in the study modules – and their ability to apply it.
  • To pass the exam, candidates will need to achieve a score of 66.66%, demonstrating a range of knowledge and skills in this discipline.

Advantages of this course

  • This package of course + exam contains all learners need to gain CIW Internet Business Associate certification:
    • Through the study modules, learners gain a comprehensive knowledge and skills base with which to start or further their career
    • Passing the exam gives employers the evidence they need of candidates’ knowledge of key Internet technologies and the capability in applying them in a business environment.
  • No prior knowledge of the subject is required – just familiarity of an operating system such as Microsoft Windows 7.
  • It is ideal both for students at high school or college, looking to complement their studies with skills and knowledge that can be applied in the workplace; and to professionals working in positions that make use of the Internet.
  • An official CIW Certification Practice Exam is available, which enables candidates to instantly evaluate their level of knowledge and readiness to become certified.
  • New lesson quizzes are also available on CIW Online, and can be found on each of the lesson pages in the Online Resources.
  • Exam scores may be challenged if candidates feel there is a legitimate reason for doing so, such as a question mark over the validity of item content.


    Introduction to IT Business and Careers
    Information Technology (IT)
    IT Job Roles
    IT Industry Career Opportunities
    Technical Concepts and Training
    Technology Adoption Models
    Business Modeling
    Data Modeling
    The Importance of Standards
    That's a Hot Site

    Internet Communication
    Communicating via the Internet
    Modern Web Technologies
    Social Networking
    Communicating Effectively over the Internet
    Convergence and Unified Communications Technologies
    Web 2.0 Travel Guide?

    Introduction to Internet Technology
    Internet Technology
    Overview of Networks
    Overview of the Internet
    Connecting to the Internet
    Internet Protocols
    Domain Name System (DNS)
    Cloud Computing
    Computing in the Cloud

    Web Browsing
    Introduction to Web Browsing
    Basic Functions of Web Browsers
    Installing a Web Browser
    Web Addresses
    How Browsers Work
    Browser Choices
    Browsing Techniques
    Browser Elements
    Configuring Web Browser Preferences
    Proxy Servers
    Troubleshooting Internet Client Problems
    Working the Help Desk

    Multimedia on the Web
    Introduction to Multimedia on the Web
    Objects, Active Content and Languages
    Objects and Security Issues
    HTML5 vs. Plug-ins
    Introduction to Plug-in Technology
    Data Compression and Decompression
    Plug-in Installation
    Types of Plug-ins
    Firefox Add-Ons
    Types of Viewers
    Miscellaneous File Formats
    Downloading Files with a Browser
    The Right Tools for the Job

    Databases and Web Search Engines
    Introduction to Data Searching Tools
    Overview of Databases
    Introduction to Web Search Engines
    Registering a Web Site with a Search Engine
    Types of Web Searches
    Basic Web Searching Techniques
    Boolean Operators
    Advanced Web Searching Techniques
    Using Web Searches to Perform Job Tasks
    Unexpected Web Search Results
    Web Search Strategies
    Evaluating Resources
    Organizing Internet Research
    Citing Copyrighted Online Resources
    To Be Valid or Not to Be Valid?

    Business E Mail and Personal
    Information Management
    Introduction to Business Electronic Mail (E Mail)
    How E Mail Works
    E Mail Configuration Requirements
    E Mail Message Components
    Creating and Sending E Mail Messages
    Receiving and Viewing E Mail Messages
    E Mail in the Workplace
    E Mail Problems and Solutions
    Personal Information Management
    Mastering the Art of E-Mail

    Protecting Yourself Online
    Introduction to Protecting Yourself Online
    The Right to Be Forgotten
    Configuring Browser Security
    Malware (Malicious Software)
    Virus Detection and Prevention
    Spyware and Virus Removal
    Updates and Patches
    Locking Your Computer
    Protecting Company Resources
    Security-Related Ethical and Legal Issues
    Legal Protection

    Internet Services and Tools for Business
    Internet Resource Tools
    Mass E-Mail and Texting Services
    List Servers
    File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
    Managing Downloaded Files
    Virtual Network Computing (VNC)
    Remote Desktop Connection
    Peer-to-Peer Networks
    Troubleshooting Using TCP/IP Tools
    Open-Source Development
    Proprietary Software and EULAs
    Software Patents
    These Are Sensitive Files

    IT Project and Program Management
    Overview of IT Project and Program Management
    Resources for Technical Data
    Project Management Fundamentals
    Project Management Skills
    Project Management Phases
    The Project Triangle
    Project Management Software
    Creating Project Schedules
    Documenting Projects
    Planning and Scheduling Meetings
    Browsers in the Business World
    Reviewing Projects
    Quality Assurance
    Business Implications of IT Projects
    Project Management Institute (PMI)
    Program Management Concepts
    We Need an Intranet!

    NOTE: The exam alone for this course can be found HERE : The Course without the exam can be found HERE.

    Course Detail

    Online Access : 1 Year
    Compatibility : Windows, Mac
    Exam Included : Yes

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