As of August 2018, the NUS is being rebranded to TOTUM, and their procedures for application vastly changed...

Online and adult distance-learning courses are no longer included in their recognised list of qualifications that allow the purchase of an NUS card, unless they lead to an official academic qualification listed on the UK Government Ofqual Site.

This therefore precludes the vast majority of recognised vendor certification by Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, Prince2, Six Sigma, EC Council, PMI, Agile, BCS, CIMA, ICB, Sage etc. Essentially, most adult and vocational certification programs have been excluded to a greater degree.

The bottom line is: Virtually none of our courses qualify.

We're sorry that they've taken this view, and if they should reverse this decision, we'll publish details here again in the future.

We remain committed to providing the highest quality training materials to allow students of all ages to progress through their chosen career path. We strongly believe that online 24x7 access training provides the most realistic and practical solution to any working student.


The Learning247 Management Team