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Learn 365 Mega Bundle : How To Access Your Courses

Whether you've purchased the 'Mega Bundle/Library', a few individual courses, or you've simply requested a 2-day demo, follow these simple instructions to gain access to the courses and modules YOU want...

1. You will have been emailed your full login details, which generally uses the email address you ordered with as your login email. Click on the link supplied in that email and enter your login email and password...

. You'll then see the main dashboard area, which will list ALL courses that are available for your subscription (in the left hand column under the 'My Courses' title). Please note that if you've requested a demo then you'll most likely have been given access to ALL the courses, so the first courses you'll see listed probably won't be the ones you want...

. Your next step is to click into the search box in the top-right and enter a keyword or two, for the course you're looking for. As an example here, we've searched for 'Windows Server 2012'...

. When you press ENTER or click on the search icon, you'll see a list that is now filtered on the keywords (our example below is 'windows server 2012'). NOTE: It sometimes takes a few seconds to access the search results online, so if it says 'Your search returned 0 results' in a red box, give it a few seconds to compile all the results.

You can then page through the shortened list and locate the particular course you require. If the keywords you've tried don't reveal the correct courses, then try something shorter. Once you've found the correct course, click on the course box...

. This will take you to the individual course videos (together with any accompanying files which can be downloaded)...

. From there, you simply click on the Module to watch the video...

That's it... It's as simple as that!

  • Click on the video area to start/stop the video (ensure you have your speakers connected and turned-up!)
  • Click on the full-screen icon at the right-end of the video shuttle control bar so that you can enjoy the video in all it's glory!
  • At the end of each chapter/module, the video will pause, and you just need to click on the next icon to start the next video.
  • Press pause whenever required or rewind to re-cover certain areas.
  • Click on the module tiles to jump between modules quickly.
  • Clicking the 'Return To Course' button in the top-right of the main window will return you to the course content area (Step 5 above).
  • You can click on the search icon and search for another course at any time.

Good luck, and thank you for choosing Learning247!