Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Awareness Course

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Course Description

This Autism Awareness course is great for those who care for people with autism. Learners will understand more about Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) and how to assist those on the autistic spectrum. Meet CQC requirements easily today!

Learning the positive and negative impacts that communication can have on those with autism is vital to providing the best care possible. Protect your organisation and your patients by teaching employee's how to manage autism effectively.

This Autism Awareness course covers what autism is, explores the autism spectrum, the different types of autism, key legislation, how to identify characteristics and how to care for someone with autism. Upon successful completion of this Autism Awareness training online, your staff will receive a downloadable and printable accredited Autism Certificate.

The disorder is much more common than many people think. In fact, did you know that there are around 700,000 people on the autism spectrum in the UK? Ensure your staff know how to identify the signs of autism and how to support an autistic child or adult in any setting.

Learning Outcomes:

    On completion of this Autism Awareness training for employers and employees, learners should know and understand the following:
    •     Recognise what autism is
    •     Learn what autism is, the causes of autism, how a person with autism feels and how it can affect carers and families
    •     Understand what ASD is
    •     Understand what ASD is, how it affects them differently, possible traits that can be presented in some people that have ASD and behaviour difficulties
    •     Characteristics of someone that has autism
    •     Identify and go into depth about the 3 main characteristics of autism, along with examples of the 3 main areas of difficulty
    •     Care for someone with autism
    •     Identify and learn how to care for someone with autism including mental health issues in people living with autism, physical pain, discomfort and medical issues.
    •     Enabling those with autism
    •     Understand and learn how to enable those with autism

    This course takes between 1-2 hours to complete and gain your certificate.

    Entry and Level:
    There are no barriers to entry on this training online course. This is an awareness course, suitable for all.

    On completion of this online course, either download your certificate or access it at a later date online.

    This course is CPD accredited and delivered by a Skills for Care endorsed provider. It meets accepted Continuing Professional Development (CPD) guidelines.

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