What is Black Friday and where did it originate?

Black Friday is approaching, and shoppers around the world are getting excited to save big on their favourite brands and secure some exclusive deals in time for Christmas. This year, Black Friday falls on the 26th of November, however many brands start offering deals in the days and weeks leading up to it. Cyber Monday also falls on the 29th of November, with retailers focusing on exclusive online shopping deals. So, what is Black Friday and where did it originate? Continue reading to find out more!

Where does the term ‘Black Friday’ originate?
The term ‘Black Friday’ originally had negative connotations, as it was used by police in 1960’s in the United States to describe the traffic chaos that occurred after Thanksgiving due to people rushing to start their Christmas shopping. Retailers wanted to try and reclaim this term, as although ‘Black Friday’ was negative for many, it was a big positive for retailers as it marked the beginning of the Christmas shopping season and a rise in sales and profits. As a result, retailers in the United States began to use the term ‘Black Friday’ to market sales and discounts to drive even more customers to their stores. Over the years, Black Friday has grown in popularity and become a highly anticipated occasion, with many stores opening their doors at midnight to thousands of shoppers frantically searching for a bargain.
Black Friday has since branched out across the world, with stores in the UK, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Australia, Switzerland and more taking part in Black Friday sales. Black Friday has become infamous for its late-night shopping sessions, where many shoppers queue for hours and some even resort to physical altercations to secure the best deals!

What is Cyber Monday?
Cyber Monday falls on the Monday directly following Black Friday. As the name suggests, Cyber Monday focuses on online shopping – with many retailers offering deals that are exclusive to their online shopping platforms. Indeed, Cyber Monday does help to boost business profits, as last year’s Cyber Monday (2020) was the biggest day for online shopping in US history – with 10.7 billion dollars being spent across 24 hours! As can be seen with Black Friday, Cyber Monday has become a global phenomenon, with companies around the world offering exclusive online Cyber Monday deals and offers.

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