The Future of Learning: Why Learners are Sticking with the New Normal Post-COVID.

The Future of Learning: Why Learners are Sticking with the New Normal Post-COVID.

Is this the end of Learning as we currently know it?

It comes as no surprise that online learning has seen a huge rise in popularity over the past couple of years. Of course, this is largely due to COVID 19 and social distancing measures that have resulted in huge reductions to face to face learning. However, with the end of COVID restrictions in sight, many learners are choosing to adapt to the new-normal and are continuing to use online methods of education such as distance learning.

So, why are so many people opting to stick with online learning in favour of returning to the classroom?

Environmentally friendly

Online learning is, without a doubt, one of the most eco-friendly ways to learn. For a start, it reduces the amount of waste produced. There is no need to waste paper on printing textbooks, worksheets and assignment papers as these documents can be accessed online. Online learning also reduces travel and carbon emissions, as there is no need to commute to a test centre or school to sit assessments - these can all be completed from the comfort of your own home! With the ever-growing threat of Climate Change, the eco-friendly nature of eLearning is just one of the many positive features of migrating to online training.

Cost Effective

For many of the same reasons listed above, online learning has proved to be a more cost-effective route to education for learners across the globe. For example, travel costs are massively reduced as there is no need to travel to educational institutions; all learning can be completed at home. There is also no need to purchase physical copies of textbooks or workbooks as, again, this is all completed online. The cost-effective nature of online learning means that you can save money whilst still accessing high quality courses and learning new skills!

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Another huge benefit of online learning is that online courses can be completed anytime, anywhere. Modern day-to-day life can be extremely busy, and trying to juggle full-time work, family life, child-care and other responsibilities on top of learning can seem impossible. With online training providers like Learning 247, you can choose to be flexible with your learning and fit it around your routine, instead of having to adhere to class timetables and fixed exam dates. Flexible learning is more effective learning, as you can choose to learn when you’re at your most focused and motivated.

Instant Access, Increased Choice

Unlike in-person training that requires learners to attend classes at specific times, online courses allow you to dive straight into your learning. The easily accessible nature of online training can be more attractive to learners who need to acquire a new skill in a short time frame for their work or personal use.

This also means that there is more choice when it comes to online learning, as new courses can be uploaded and updated every day. This saves learners a lot of time and money, as there are more courses that cover specific skills and concepts, erasing the need for learners to pay for time consuming, generalised in-person courses that cover irrelevant information.

Will you make the switch?

Saving the planet, saving money and saving time are just a few of the benefits that online learning can provide. In-person training still has many benefits and often plays an essential role in mastering practical skills that require a more hands-on approach. However, there is no denying the benefits that online training can have for many.

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