Six Reasons to Work in Cyber Security

We live in an increasingly digitised world, where money and data is stored electronically and out of our physical reach. With so much sensitive data being stored online, it is more important than ever to make sure that cyber attacks are reduced to a minimum to protect the data of individuals and companies. If you’re good with technology and think this sounds interesting, a career in cyber security may be for you! Continue reading to find out more benefits of a career in cyber security.

Make an impact
If you want to make a positive impact as part of your career, working in cyber security is a great way to do so. You’ll be helping to protect important data and prevent harmful attacks that can have detrimental effects to businesses and individuals.

Be a problem solver
If you enjoy solving puzzles and overcoming problems, a job in cyber security may be right for you. In cyber-security, there are a variety of tactics used to overcome security-breaches and issues, some of them quick fixes and some of them more complicated and intricate. With new risks and threats emerging all the time, you’ll be increasing your skill set with each problem you solve.

Job variety
Do you enjoy new challenges? If you’re not a fan of doing the same tasks every day, cyber-security is an ever-changing role that could be perfect for you. Cyber-security threats are constantly evolving, so no two days on the job will ever be the same. A well as this, technology is changing and updating all the time, so you’ll need to keep up with the latest security methods.  

Cyber security jobs are in high demand in the UK and around the world. Companies are prioritising cyber-security more than ever and are always looking for new ways to minimize security threats and protect their business. Therefore, there is no shortage of jobs in this industry. Certainly, in 2021, UK businesses advertised over 50,000 cyber security roles – a 58% increase from the previous year, showing that demand for cyber-security jobs is only set to increase further.

High salary
Not only will you be in high demand, once you’ve secured a job, you’ll be looking at a great salary! The average salary for cyber security in the UK is £44,000, which is more than the national average salary of £38,600. The highest paid cyber-security experts can even earn up to £80,000 a year.

Room to grow
There are many sectors of the cyber-security industry, so there is always room to expand your skills and learn new things. Once you’ve got some experience in the industry, you can get a feel for the area of cyber-security you enjoy the most and choose to specialise in this area. Different cyber security roles include technical architects, cyber security engineers, vulnerability analysts, information security specialists and many more!


As you can see, cyber security is a desirable career with many benefits to offer. If you’re thinking of a career, there are a few options to get on the right track.

The CompTIA Security+ certification is a widely recognised qualification that covers the fundamental principles of cyber-security. You can complete this certification with us at Learning247 here

If you’re just starting out, it’s a good idea to brush up on your general IT skills, which you can do here.

If you’ve just finished education, there are also a wide range of Apprenticeship opportunities available that allow you to earn and learn. To find an apprenticeship employer, search the government website here.