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Microsoft Word 2008 Intermediate Online Training Course

Microsoft Word 2008 Intermediate Online Training Course


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Course Description

In this Word 2008 – Intermediate training course, you’ll learn how to use AutoFormat features, work with tables and graphics, and lots more!

In this Word 2008 – Intermediate training course, you’ll learn how Microsoft® Word 2008 for Mac makes it easier than ever to produce professional-looking documents in any number of styles and formats. Move to the next level in your journey to master this word processing application.

This course is for Microsoft® Office Word® 2008 for Mac.

A. AutoCorrect and AutoFormat

  • Understanding AutoCorrect pt. 1
  • Understanding AutoCorrect pt. 2
  • Adding new AutoCorrect entries manually
  • Adding new AutoCorrect entries using the spelling checker
  • Using AutoCorrect to add pieces of text
  • Deleting an AutoCorrect entry
  • Adding exceptions to the AutoCorrect feature pt. 1
  • Adding exceptions to the AutoCorrect feature pt. 2
  • Deleting exceptions from the AutoCorrect feature
  • Understanding AutoFormat as you type
  • Changing the AutoFormat as you type options

B. Find and Replace

  • Using the Find command
  • Understanding the Find command options pt. 1
  • Understanding the Find command options pt. 2
  • Using wild card characters
  • Finding formatted text
  • Finding special characters
  • Using the Replace command
  • Using the Go To command
  • Using the select browse object feature

C. Symbols

  • Inserting symbols using the Symbol dialog box
  • Inserting symbols using the Object palette
  • Inserting symbols using the keyboard
  • Creating symbol shortcut keys
  • Inserting symbols using the AutoCorrect feature
  • Adding symbols to the AutoCorrect feature

D. Page Layout and Design

  • Creating columns
  • Creating columns using the Columns dialog box
  • Modifying Column settings
  • Using the ruler to modify Column settings
  • Placing a vertical line between columns
  • Adjusting column length
  • Adding line numbers pt. 1
  • Adding line numbers pt. 2
  • Hyphenating a document
  • Using manual hyphenation
  • Setting page borders
  • Adding a watermark to a document
  • Creating a custom watermark

E. Tables

  • Converting text to a table
  • Inserting a blank table into a document
  • Inserting a quick table into a document
  • Selecting table elements
  • Deleting table elements
  • Inserting columns and rows
  • Adding a new row to the bottom of a table
  • Changing the column width
  • Changing the row height
  • Distributing rows and columns evenly
  • Merging cells in a table
  • Splitting cells in a table
  • Changing the cell alignment
  • Changing the text direction in a cell
  • Using Table AutoFormat
  • Repeating header rows
  • Converting a table to text

F. Working with Graphics

  • Inserting a shape
  • Inserting a picture
  • Inserting clip art
  • Inserting a SmartArt graphic
  • Inserting WordArt
  • Creating a drop cap
  • Selecting shapes
  • Resizing graphic objects
  • Reshaping a graphic object
  • Rotating a graphic object pt. 1
  • Rotating a graphic object pt. 2
  • Moving a graphic object
  • Aligning graphic objects
  • Copying a graphic object
  • Duplicating a graphic object
  • Deleting a graphic object
  • Grouping graphic objects
  • Stacking graphic objects
  • Wrapping text around a graphic object pt. 1
  • Wrapping text around a graphic object pt. 2
  • Formatting the fill
  • Formatting the outline of an object
  • Applying a shadow effect
  • Applying a 3D effect

G. Working with Charts

  • Inserting a chart
  • Changing the chart type
  • Editing the chart data
  • Adding a chart title
  • Changing the location of the chart legend
  • Adding data labels

H. Other Word Commands and Features

  • Inserting the date and time
  • Customizing the spell check and grammar check options
  • Using the custom dictionary
  • Using the thesaurus
  • Assigning a password to a document
  • Changing the normal template


  • Length of Subscription: 12 Months Online On-Demand Access
  • Running Time: 2 hours 28 min
  • Platform: MAC
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Project Files: Included

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