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Visio 2013 Online Training Course

Visio 2013 Online Training Course

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Course Description

In this Visio 2013 training course, you’ll learn about the backstage view and how to create a drawing. By using features like stencils and shapes including the shapes window, we will create and change shape properties and options, and learn all there is to know about Visio 2013’s features.

In this Visio 2013 training course, presenter Sarah Holder will show you how to install, uninstall, and update Visio® 2013 for PC. We will also work with pages, backgrounds and layers, create an organization chart, and a flowchart.

Course Content

A. Getting Started

  • What you’ll learn in this training
  • Understanding Microsoft Visio
  • Introducing the Visio product family
  • Installing Visio 2013
  • Updating Visio 2013
  • Uninstalling Visio 2013

B. Navigating

  • Using the Visio 2013 Ribbon
  • Creating a new diagram pt. 1
  • Creating a new diagram pt. 2
  • Using the Shapes window/Task pane
  • Saving/exporting to other formats
  • Navigating and arranging views and documents
  • Accessing the Help options in Visio 2013

C. Using Stencils

  • Introducing stencils
  • Opening and closing stencils
  • Moving stencils around
  • Using the document stencil
  • Creating a new stencil pt. 1
  • Creating a new stencil pt. 2

D. Working with Shapes

  • Adding and removing shapes
  • Searching for shapes
  • Using My Shapes
  • Using control points pt. 1
  • Using control points pt. 2
  • Formatting shapes pt. 1
  • Formatting shapes pt. 2
  • Cloning shapes
  • Grouping and ungrouping shapes

E. Connecting Shapes

  • Introducing connectors
  • Using glue pt. 1
  • Using glue pt. 2
  • Using AutoConnect
  • Working with connection points pt. 1
  • Working with connection points pt. 2
  • Formatting connectors
  • Controlling shape layout pt. 1
  • Controlling shape layout pt. 2
  • Working with advanced shape layout

F. Adding Text to a Drawing

  • Using the Visio Text tools
  • Using text blocks
  • Using the Text tool and the Format Painter tool
  • Formatting text
  • Formatting paragraphs
  • Rotating text
  • Using the format painter

G. Precision Work

  • Using the drawing grid pt. 1
  • Using the drawing grid pt. 2
  • Using the dynamic grid
  • Setting the drawing scale
  • Using Zoom controls
  • Using the Drawing Explorer
  • Using guides
  • Managing Snap and Glue options
  • Aligning shapes
  • Distributing shapes

H. Using Layers

  • Working with layers
  • Adding a layer to a drawing
  • Assigning a shape to a layer
  • Hiding a layer
  • Locking a layer
  • Removing a layer

I. Working with Pages

  • Working with multiple pages
  • Adding a page
  • Renaming a page
  • Reordering pages
  • Deleting a page
  • Creating a background page
  • Assigning and removing backgrounds
  • Using the Page Layout options
  • Using Print Preview
  • Discovering Print options

J. Using Markup Tools

  • Using the Visio Markup tools
  • Adding comments
  • Using revision tracking
  • Accepting and rejecting changes

K. Adding Custom Data to Diagrams

  • Using Custom properties
  • Adding Custom properties
  • Creating Visio 2013 reports
  • Creating a Pivot Diagram

L. Spicing Up a Diagram

  • Adding clip art pt. 1
  • Adding clip art pt. 2
  • Adding title blocks
  • Using callouts and annotations
  • Using Visio Viewer

M. Creating Drawings

  • Creating an organization chart pt. 1
  • Creating an organization chart pt. 2
  • Creating a flowchart pt. 1
  • Creating a flowchart pt. 2


  • Length of Subscription: 12 Months Online On-Demand Access
  • Running Time: 1 hours 44 min
  • Platform: PC
  • Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Project Files: Included

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