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Adobe Soundbooth CS5 Online Course

Adobe Soundbooth CS5 Online Course


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Course Overview

Adobe Soundbooth makes it easier than ever to cleanup and edit your audio. Dynamic link with Premiere Pro makes the process of going from Premiere Pro or After Effects to Soundbooth and back a simple task. You will learn all the ins and outs of audio editing and find out why this product will help you deliver the best quality audio in your next project.

By the time you are done watching this series you will be comfortable with working on audio in Premiere and sending your audio to Soundbooth for further cleanup and editing. You'll also be able to add effect to your audio and be comfortable with separating stereo channels into mono channels and using Multitrack editing as well as have confidence going to Resource Central and downloading scores and sound effects to use in your project. Finally, you'll learn to export work to publish or use in applications.

Example Video

Chapter 1: THE POWER OF PREMIERE PR (14 min)

    The Project & the Project Files
    An Introduction to Non-Linear Editing
    Creating a Title & Rendering the Scene


    Starting a New Project
    Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts
    Exploring General Preferences
    Setting Auto Save & Label Preferences
    Media, Titler & User Interface Preferences
    Customizing Your Workspace
    Project Panel View & Sort Options
    Customizing Project Panel Columns
    Searching for & Creating New Items
    Working with Bins
    The Source & Program Panels
    The Timeline Panel
    Manipulating Timeline Tracks

Chapter 3: LOGGING & CAPTURING VIDEO (24 min)

    Setting Device Control Preferences
    Setting Scratch Disks & Capture Preferences
    Project Playback Settings
    Exporting to Tape
    Logging & Organizing Clips
    Batch Capturing

Chapter 4: BASIC EDITING (30 min)

    Editing with the Razor Blade Tool
    Setting In & Out Points to Trim Footage
    Lifting, Extracting & Ripple Deleting
    Using the Ripple Edit Tool
    Using the Roll Tool
    Editing with the Trim Monitor
    Adjusting Edits with the Slip & Slide Tools

Chapter 5: WORKING WITH AUDIO (46 min)

    Audio Preferences
    Source Channel Mapping
    Working with Audio in the Source Panel
    Adding Keyframes with the Pen Tool
    The Audio Mixer
    Audio Mixer Automation
    Adding Audio Effects & Filters
    Exporting Audio


    The Effects Panel & the Effect Controls Panel
    Applying Transitions to a Sequence
    Adjusting Transitions in the Effect Controls Panel
    Applying Video Filters
    Affecting Speed
    Color Correcting Basics
    Working with the Effect Controls Panel
    Saving an Effects Preset
    Customizing an Iris Wipe

Chapter 7: EXPLORING THE TITLER (53 min)

    Introduction to the Titler
    The Text Tools
    The Pen Tools
    The Shape Tools
    Creating a Custom Credit Roll, Part 1
    Creating a Custom Credit Roll, Part 2
    Creating a Custom Graphic
    Adding Text to the Custom Graphic
    Placing the Custom Graphic in the Timeline


    Importing & Organizing Still Images
    Using the Automate to Sequence Function
    Arranging Images by Selection Order
    Animating Still Images
    Creating Zooms with Scale Keyframes
    Animating Several Attributes Together
    Easing Keyframes
    Copying & Pasting Keyframes
    Adding Music to the Slideshow
    Fading In & Out of the Slideshow

Chapter 9: EXPORTING YOUR PROJECT (28 min)

    Using the Project Manager
    Exporting a Movie
    Exporting Frames
    Using the Adobe Media Encoder
    Exporting to Adobe Encore(R) CS3
    Creating DVD Menus & Chapters in Encore
    Final Comments & Credits

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  • Length of Subscription: 12 Months Online On-Demand Access
  • Running Time: 2.2 Hours
  • Platform: Windows & MAC OS
  • Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Project Files: Included

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