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PowerPoint 2011 Advanced Online Training Course

PowerPoint 2011 Advanced Online Training Course

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Course Description

In this PowerPoint 2011 Advanced training course by Beth Bruestle and Flip Crummer, you’ll learn how to manipulate photos, add audio and movies to your slides, work with animations and transitions to add emphasis or identify specific focal points in your presentation, understand slide masters, and create speaker notes or support materials for your audiences.

This PowerPoint® 2011 advanced training course for Mac demonstrates more in-depth options for inserting and working with tables, inserting and customizing charts and adding hyperlinks for Web pages, files, or e-mail addresses to your slides.

This course is for Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® 2011 for Mac.

A. Working with Tables

  • What you’ll learn in this training
  • Inserting a table into a slide
  • Selecting table elements
  • Deleting table elements
  • Inserting columns and rows
  • Adding a new row to the bottom of a table
  • Changing the column width
  • Changing the row height
  • Distributing rows and columns evenly
  • Merging cells in a table
  • Splitting cells in a table
  • Using the notes pages master
  • Displaying the date, header, footer, and page number on notes pages
  • Customizing the notes pages master
  • Changing the cell alignment
  • Changing the text direction in a cell
  • Using table styles

B. Working with Charts

  • Inserting a chart into a slide
  • Changing the chart layout
  • Changing the data orientation in a chart
  • Changing the chart type
  • Adding a chart title
  • Adding axis titles
  • Changing the location of the chart legend
  • Adding data labels
  • Adding a data table to a chart
  • Changing the chart axis
  • Changing the gridlines
  • Formatting chart elements
  • Moving, resizing, and deleting chart elements

C. Hyperlinks

  • Creating automatic hyperlinks
  • Using text as a hyperlink to a Web page
  • Using text as a hyperlink to another file
  • Using text as a hyperlink to another slide
  • Using text as a hyperlink to an e-mail address
  • Adding a hyperlink to a graphic
  • Editing a hyperlink
  • Removing a hyperlink

D. Working with Pictures

  • Inserting a picture into a slide
  • Resizing a picture
  • Using the Cropping tool and Cropping options
  • Using the Corrections tool
  • Using the Recolor tool
  • Using the Filters tool
  • Using the Remove Background tool
  • Setting a transparent color
  • Applying a picture style
  • Formatting the picture border
  • Applying a picture effect
  • Changing a picture
  • Resetting a picture
  • Compressing a picture

E. Adding Audio

  • Inserting an audio file as an icon
  • Using the Audio browser
  • Using the Media controls
  • Using the Format Audio contextual tab
  • Assigning audio to an object

F. Adding Movies

  • Embedding a video into a slide
  • Using the Media controls
  • Using the Movie tools pt. 1
  • Using the Movie tools pt. 2
  • Using the Poster Frame tool

G. Animation Effects and Transitions

  • Using animations
  • Using animation emphasis effects
  • Changing animation effect options
  • Applying animation to a SmartArt® graphic
  • Changing the animation timing
  • Applying multiple animations to a single object
  • Using the toolbox custom animation area pt. 1
  • Using the toolbox custom animation area pt. 2
  • Reordering animation effects on a slide
  • Removing an animation effect
  • Setting text animation to appear in reverse order
  • Adding sounds to animation
  • Using motion paths
  • Changing Motion Path properties
  • Viewing and changing motion path effect options
  • Editing a motion path
  • Drawing a custom motion path
  • Reversing a motion path
  • Animating parts of a chart
  • Applying transition effects to slides
  • Applying transition timings to slides
  • Rehearsing and recording transition timings
  • Recording/adding narration to a presentation pt. 1
  • Recording/adding narration to a presentation pt. 2
  • Turning off narration and slide timings

H. Slide Masters

  • Understanding slide masters
  • Editing slide masters
  • Displaying the date, slide number, and footer on the slides
  • Reinserting placeholders on the slide master
  • Customizing the layout masters
  • Creating a new layout master
  • Renaming a layout master
  • Duplicating a layout master
  • Deleting a layout master
  • Working with multiple slide masters
  • Deleting a slide master

I. Creating Support Materials

  • Creating audience handouts
  • Using the handout master
  • Displaying the date, header, footer, and page number on the handouts
  • Customizing the handout master
  • Creating speaker notes


  • Length of Subscription: 12 Months Online On-Demand Access
  • Running Time: 2 hours 24 min
  • Platform: MAC
  • Level: Advanced
  • Project Files: Included

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