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Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended Essentials Online Training

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended Essentials Online Training


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Course Overview

This series will help you get started using world's leading image editing software. Our Adobe Education expert will provide you with an overview of the interface, the tools, panels and options you'll need as a foundation for using Adobe Photoshop CS6.

She will review the key new features in this version and teach you about the tools, palettes, and menu bars, as well as, the major features such as layers, selections, image editing, compositing, using Adobe Bridge, type design, drawing and painting, and creating a web photo gallery.

With our Adobe Photoshop CS6 Essentials course you will learn Photoshop skills that will allow you to create professional looking images that you can be proud of. By the time you have completed this course you will be prepared to take your ACA Visual Communication exam and you will have excellent beginner to intermediate skills using Photoshop CS6.

Example Video

Chapter 1: GETTING STARTED   (41 min)
1.Exploring the Interface & Panels
2.Switching & Customizing Workspaces
3.Using the Tools Panel & Options Bar
4.Creating & Opening New Documents
5.Zooming & Changing Document Views
6.Saving Documents

Chapter 2: MAKING SELECTIONS   (49 min)

1.Working with Basic Selection Tools
2.Working with the Lasso Tools
3.Using the Magic Wand Tool
4.Using the Quick Selection Tool
5.Using the Refine Edge Command


1.Making Panoramic Pictures with Photomerge
2.Creating a Layer Mask with Quick Mask Mode
3.Moving Images to Other Documents & Using Free Transform
4.Working with Layer Masks & Applying an Adjustment Layer
5.Creating a Grayscale Image with Actions


1.Arranging Multiple Open Documents On-screen
2.Loading a Selection & Pasting into a Selection
3.Creating an Adjustment Layer with a Layer Mask
4.Working with a Hue Saturation Adjustment Layer
5.Merging Photos with the Merge to HDR Pro Command
6.Using Content Aware Fill
7.Working with the Patch Tool
8.Using the Gradient Tool to Combine Picture Elements into a New Picture
9.Working with Layer Styles, Fill Opacity & Opacity
10.Exploring the Filter Gallery
11.Adjusting Composited Images using Layer Effects

Chapter 5: DESIGNING WITH TYPE   (75 min)

1.Defining the Project
2.Brainstorming the Project
3.Creating Guides
4.Placing Images
5.Working with Text
6.Adding Layer Styles to Text
7.Designing for a Different Audience
8.Improving the Design Layout with Filters
9.Using the New Content-Aware Move Command
10.Converting Text to a Shape

MODES   (54 min)
1.Scanning an Image
2.Using the Spot Healing Brush Tool
3.Using the Healing Brush Tool
4.Using the Patch Tool & Clone Stamp Tool
5.Using Content Aware with the Patch Tool
6.Applying an Action from the Actions Panel
7.Understanding Blending Modes
8.Using Blending Modes to Colorize an Image


1.Reviewing the Drawing Modes
2.Using the Pen Tool
3.Drawing & Altering Shapes
4.Exploring the Brush Panel
5.Painting with Brushes
6.Applying the Oil Paint Filter

Chapter 8: USING ADOBE BRIDGE   (12 min)

1.An Overview of Adobe Bridge
2.Using Automated Tasks

Chapter 9: CREATING A WEB PHOTO GALLERY   (26 min)

1.Using the Histogram Panel
2.Using Auto Adjustments
3.Improving Image Composition with Cropping
4.Creating a Web Photo Gallery

Learn anytime, anywhere, at home or on the go.

  • Length of Subscription: 12 Months Online On-Demand Access
  • Running Time: 6.8 Hours
  • Platform: Windows & MAC OS
  • Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Project Files: Included
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