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Personal Computer Fundamentals Online Training Course

Personal Computer Fundamentals Online Training Course


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Course Description

Computers are part of our everyday world. Those who have never used one can be intimidated. Those who use one every day have often not been provided basic instructions. In this course, we take away the fear and mystery of the PC. We introduce the parts, terminology and basic skills everyone needs to know to be comfortable using a computer in a visual, easy-to-understand way.

Want to know what the Windows operating system actually does or why you should care about RAM? How about what actually happens when you log on? With this course, you'll master the fundamentals of the PC so you can enjoy and benefit from it without frustration or fear.

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Course Content

Chapter 1: PC COMPONENTS   (48 min)

  • 1.What This Course Covers & PC Overview
  • 2.The Basic PC System Parts
  • 3.Computer Memory
  • 4.Buttons & Lights & Ports, Oh My!
  • 5.The Boot Process

Chapter 2: THE MOUSE   (32 min)

  • 1.Mouse Basics
  • 2.Moving the Cursor
  • 3.Mouse Techniques
  • 4.Adjusting Mouse Settings

Chapter 3: THE KEYBOARD   (32 min)

  • 1.Keyboard Basics
  • 2.Keyboard Parts
  • 3.Applying Keyboard Techniques
  • 4.Adjusting Keyboard Settings

Chapter 4: OPERATING SYSTEMS   (36 min)

  • 1.What Operating Systems Do
  • 2.The Windows® Desktop
  • 3.The Start Menu & Task Bar
  • 4.Configuring Basic Desktop Settings

Chapter 5: WINDOW BASICS   (51 min)

  • 1.Minimizing, Maximizing & Menus
  • 2.Resizing Windows & Using Scroll Bars
  • 3.Toolbars, Tabs, Flyouts & Dialog Boxes
  • 4.Understanding Multitasking
  • 5.How to Multitask

Chapter 6: SOFTWARE BASICS   (36 min)

  • 1.Software Categories
  • 2.Saving & Naming Files
  • 3.Storage & Media
  • 4.Save & Save As

Chapter 7: PRINTING BASICS   (41 min)

  • 1.Printing Concepts & Devices
  • 2.Setting Up a Default Printer
  • 3.Adding & Sharing a Printer
  •  4.Printing a Document
  •  5.Printing Pictures & Canceling Print Jobs


  • 1.File System Concepts
  • 2.Folder Hierarchy & Breadcrumbs
  • 3.Navigation Options
  • 4.View Options, Properties & Creating a New Folder
  • 5.Understanding Cut, Copy & Paste
  • 6.Selecting Text
  • 7.Cutting, Copying & Pasting Text
  • 8.Cutting, Copying & Pasting Files
  • 9.Creating Shortcuts & Deleting
  • 10. The Recycle Bin

Chapter 9: NETWORK BASICS   (55 min)

  • 1.Network Fundamentals
  • 2.Network Terminology
  • 3.Networking Devices
  • 4.Going Global
  • 5.Reviewing Your Network
  • 6.Setting Up a User Account
  • 7.Setting Up Parental Controls & Switching Users

Chapter 10: BASIC PC MAINTENANCE   (30 min)

  • 1.Using Windows Defender
  • 2.Optimizing the System
  • 3.Backing Up Your Data
  • 4.Credits


  • Length of Subscription: 12 Months Online On-Demand Access
  • Running Time: 7.5 Hours
  • Platform: Windows & MAC OS
  • Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Project Files: Included

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