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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Level 4 Practitioner Online Training Course

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Level 4 Practitioner Online Training Course

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Course Description

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is the study of how to reprogram your mind to respond in different ways to various stimuli. It’s an extremely powerful technique when used correctly and is highly effective for personal development, communication with others and various forms of psycho/hypno-therapy.

This Practitioner level program takes your training to the advanced level and covers more in-depth techniques to get you ready to work with others.

This program is provided as 24x7 online access training - so you can study when it’s convenient for you.

You should have ideally complete the Level 3 Diploma Program prior to taking this course.

    Course Content

                            Module 1
                            • Introduction to NLP (The foundations of NLP)
                            • Presuppositions of NLP (Empowering Beliefs which will move you to action and get you unstuck)
                            • Conscious and Unconscious Mind (Understand why your unconscious mind is where its happening and how to tap into your creative genius)
                            • Sensory Acuity & Rapport (Learn how to build closer relationships and blow away the misconceptions of body language)
                            • Representational Systems & Eye Accessing Cues (Why the eyes are the window to the soul and how to make sense of your world)
                            • SMART Goal Setting (An extremely useful GOAL achieving model)
                            • NLP Present Goal Setting (when combined with SMART (old world) the NLP Present (New World) model, you will start achieving what you want quickly)

                            Module 2
                            • Temporal Interpolation
                            • Practicing Interpolation
                            • Copying & Pasting Keyframes
                            • Creating a Loop & Changing the Animation Speed
                            • Advanced Anchoring (Learn how to get rid of negative emotional states that have been haunting you or other people for years in just a few minutes)
                            • Emotional Freedom with Anchoring (Stop being hooked and controlled by other people, feel great instead of down, feel empowered when speaking in public or going into an interview, make it so other people feel great being around you, trigger positive feelings at the click of your fingers in the blink of an eye and much more)
                            • Intro to Neurolinguistics & Chunking (Learn and master language patterns that can help you become more influential and persuasive, learn to cut through the banter to get to the heart of a problem when coaching, interviewing or selling, make overwhelming challenges seem more manageable and bearable when chunked down into bite sized tasks)

                            Course Detail

                            Online Course Access : 1 Year
                            Compatibility : Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad
                            Exams Included : No

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