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HTML5 & CSS3 – Basics

HTML5 & CSS3 – Basics



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HTML5 is the markup language used to display content on the Web, and CSS3 is becoming the standard for the formatting of HTML content. ThisHTML5 & CSS3 – Basics online training series will teach you the basics of both HTML5 and CSS3. With a solid foundation of HTML5 and CSS3, you will be able to create any type of Web site.

Presented by Dan Fanella, this HTML5 & CSS3 – Basics online training course begins with an HTML overview and then moves on to page formatting and layout. Next, the training covers creating forms, adding JavaScript, and additional page elements. The second part of the course is all about CSS: rules, formatting, layout, and more!

A. Getting Started

What you’ll learn in this training

B. HTML5 Overview

Introducing HTML5
Setting up an HTML Document pt. 1
Setting up an HTML Document pt. 2
Exploring the HTML Tag Syntax
Using the HTML Markup structure

C. HTML Text and Page Formatting

Creating paragraphs and block statements
Creating multi-level headings
Formatting text (bold, italicizing, underline, etc.)
Changing text size and color
Changing text font
Creating ordered and unordered lists
Creating sub and super script text
Creating line breaks and non-breaking spaces
Creating anchor tags pt. 1
Creating anchor tags pt. 2

D. Page Layout Tags

Setting up background colors and images
Creating a table
Formatting tables
Merging table columns and rows
Creating div tags
Creating span tags
Creating frames

E. Creating Forms

Setting up the form element
Adding text and button elements to forms pt. 1
Adding text and button elements to forms pt. 2
Creating a text area form element
Creating drop down lists and list boxes
Creating radio and check box form items pt. 1
Creating radio and check box form items pt. 2
Formatting a form and form elements
Configuring form layout pt. 1
Configuring form layout pt. 2

F. Adding JavaScript, Media Elements and the Canvas Tag

Adding images to Web pages
Adding audio to Web pages pt. 1
Adding audio to Web pages pt. 2
Adding video to Web pages pt. 1
Adding video to Web pages pt. 2
Introducing canvas tags
Using the canvas tags with JavaScript

G. Creating CSS Style Rules

Introducing Cascading Style Sheets
Using CSS syntax
Assigning rules to a tag
Assigning rules to multiple tags
Creating class and ID rules
Creating an inline style rule
Creating internal and external style sheets
Embedding and linking an external style sheet

H. Basic Formatting and Cascading Order

Changing font: type, weight, size, and decoration
Aligning fonts and formatting paragraphs
Formatting ordered and unordered lists
Creating pseudo tags
Creating and formatting content borders
Creating and formatting content boxes
Formatting images
Formatting tables pt. 1
Formatting tables pt. 2
Exploring Cascading Order pt. 1
Exploring Cascading Order pt. 2

I. Page Layout Using CSS

Formatting and sizing DIV tags
Positioning DIV tags
Aligning content within DIV tags
Stacking DIV content
Controlling DIV content overflow
Floating DIVs and images

J. New CSS3 Rules

Creating rounded corners
Creating text shadows
Creating box shadows
Rotating content boxes
Adjusting content opacity
Changing scale using transform properties
Creating single and multiple background images pt. 1
Creating single and multiple background images pt. 2

Length of Subscription: 12 Months Online On-Demand Access
Running Time: 4 Hours
Platform:  Windows & MAC OS
Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Project Files: Included

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