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Game Development 101 Online Training Course

Game Development 101 Online Training Course

[ ITO-GameDev101 ]

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Course Description

The Game Development 101 course will introduce you to the skills you'll need to bring your game ideas to life. We take you through the 3 key stages of games development:

  1. Character Design
  2. Animation
  3. Programming

You will be creating a simple 2D prototype for a hack-and-slash side scrolling games.

Stage #1: We start by introducing traditional drawing practices & character design basics - utilising Adobe Photoshop. This will lead you into creating your own fully-realised character design.

Stage #2: We cover Disney Animation Studios “12 Principles of Animation” before animating the character we've just made in stage #1. This will solidify your knowledge of the animation processes: “Straight Ahead” and “Pose to Pose”.

Stage #3: Utilising any work you've made in the earlier stages, you'll be placing these into the free 'Unity' games engine, bulding your own prototype hack-and-slash scrolling computer game with some simple functionality.

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Course Outline

Stage #1: Character Design Course:
  1. Researching your Hero Character
  2. Developing your Hero Character Design  
  3. Using tablet pressure in Photoshop  
  4. Import your Hero Character for Scale and Clean-up
  5. Sketching your Hero Character's Head  
  6. Inking your Hero Character
  7. Designing your Hero Character's Costume
  8. Painting your Hero Character
Stage #2: Character Animation Course:
  1. The 12 Principles of Animation  
  2. Skeleton Key Frames for Walk Cycle
  3. Skeleton Inbetweens for Walk Cycle
  4. Walk Cycle Solid Drawing Straight Ahead
  5. Rough Attack Keys using Pose to Pose  
  6. Rough Attack Extremes using Pose to Pose
  7. Rough Attack Breakdowns using Pose to Pose   
Stage #3: Game Development Course:
  1. Introduction to Unity
  2. GameObjects
  3. Components
  4. API
  5. Setting up a Unity project
  6. Layers and Tags
  7. Game space Object and Prefabs
  8. Adding our Hero
  9. Adding an Enemy
  10. Camera Controllers
  11. Collision
  12. Adding Animations
  13. Player Attack
  14. Enemy Attack
  15. Populating the Scene
  16. Health Bar
  17. Health Bottles
  18. Main Menu
  19. Pause, Win and Lose
  20. Paralaxing
  21. Polishing and Debugging

BONUS : Adobe PhotoShop & Graphic Design Courses

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