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Adobe Flash CS5 Professional Essentials Online Training

Adobe Flash CS5 Professional Essentials Online Training


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Course Overview

With our Adobe Flash CS5 Professional – Essentials training course you will learn how to create and control your own flash animations and put together your own flash website complete with animations, sound and video, buttons and the scripting to make it all work. We cover animation tips and tricks so that you will be quickly creating animations that not only look good but are easy to edit, update, and reuse.

Example Video

Chapter 1: FLASH BASICS (31 min)

Setting Up a New Document & Workspace
Drawing with the Pencil & Pen Tools
Selecting & Reshaping Curves
Setting Stroke Properties
Creating Fill Shapes
Working with the Free Transform Tool
How Objects Interact & Using Object Drawing Mode

Chapter 2: SETTING UP A FLASH SCENE (41 min)

Drawing in Merge Mode
Using Layers
Color Mixing
Using Gradients
Importing Bitmaps
Using the Deco Brush & Convert to Symbol
Importing Vector Objects

Chapter 3: ANIMATION BASICS (47 min)

Setting Up the Nighttime City Scene
Frames & Keyframes
Using Motion Tweens
Using Multi-Keyframe Tweens
Adding Text & Creating a Logo
Animating the Text & Logo Using Motion Presets
Animating the Alpha Property
Publishing Your Finished Animation

Chapter 4: MOTION TWEENS (53 min)

Setting Up the Scene for a Golf Animation
Motion Tweening along a Path
Editing a Motion Tween Path
Masking Layers
Using the Deco Tool to Create a Fill Pattern
Creating a Custom Motion Preset
Adding Rotation to the Motion Tween
Adding a Drop Shadow to the Animation
Adding Sound Effects

Chapter 5: MOVIE CLIP ANIMATION & 3D (53 min)

Introducing the 3D Tools
Animating Scale & Rotation along a Path
Using the Primitive Tools
Adding Text & 3D to a Movie Clip Symbol
Distribute to Layers & Animating Layers
Looping & Stopping an Animation
Adding a Blur Filter to an Animation
Fine-Tuning the Animation Timing

Chapter 6: THE MOTION EDITOR (43 min)

Reversing Keyframes & Easing a Motion Tween
Introducing the Motion Editor
Editing in the Motion Editor
Using the Graphs to Control Animation
Easing in the Motion Editor
Exploring Preset Properties in the Motion Editor
Creating a Static Frame Span
Using Advanced Presets
Creating Keyframes in the Motion Editor


Making Button Symbols
Adding Button States
Understanding the Hit Area
Adding Text & Filters to a Button
Motion Preset & Keyframing Tips
Using Code Snippets & Frame Labels
Setting Up the Navigation Content
Preparing Navigation Content Keyframes
Using Built-in Buttons
Setting Button Behaviors

Chapter 8: WORKING WITH VIDEO (32 min)

Using the Import Video Wizard
Placing Video in the Navigation System
Using Adobe Media Encoder to Create a Flash Video File
Customizing Flash Player Components
Controlling Video with ActionScript
Publishing Your Project


Length of Subscription:
12 Months Online On-Demand Access
Running Time: 6 Hours
Platform:  Windows & MAC OS
Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Project Files: Included

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