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Excel 2011 – Intro

Excel 2011 – Intro

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Microsoft® Office Excel® 2011 is a powerful tool you can use to create and format spreadsheets, and analyze and share information to make more informed decisions. Learn the basics of using Excel in this thorough introductory-level tutorial training series, Excel 2011- Intro.

Created by Beth Bruestle and Flip Crummer, the Excel 2011 – Intro online training series covers topics such as working with cells, formatting columns and rows, adding styles and themes, and printing your worksheets. By the time you’ve completed this course, you’ll have a strong foundation in Excel 2011.

This training course is for Microsoft Office Excel 2011 for Mac.

A. Basics
Introducing the Ribbon
Using the tabs on the Ribbon
Using the Contextual tabs
Minimizing the Ribbon
Changing Ribbon preferences pt. 1
Changing Ribbon preferences pt. 2
Customizing/resetting the Ribbon tab order pt. 1
Customizing/resetting the Ribbon tab order pt. 2
Understanding a worksheet and entering information into a cell
Changing the default number of worksheets and the cell movement
Using Save and Save As
Understanding the XML file format pt. 1
Understanding the XML file format pt. 2
Opening Excel 2011 files in earlier versions of Excel
Moving with the keyboard pt. 1
Moving with the keyboard pt. 2
Using the Template gallery pt. 1
Using the Template gallery pt. 2
Creating a PDF

B. Working with Cells
Using AutoComplete
Editing a cell
Using spell check
Selecting cell ranges pt. 1
Selecting cell ranges pt. 2
Entering values in a cell range
Using AutoFill
Using Cut, Copy and Paste
Using Paste options
Using Paste Special
Using the scrapbook
Using Drag and Drop editing
Using Undo and Redo
Using the Clear command

C. Formulas and Functions
Using AutoCalculate
Using AutoSum
Creating formulas
Using functions in formulas
Using the Formula Builder
Editing formulas
Checking formulas for errors
Using relative cell referencing
Understanding absolute cell references
Creating an absolute cell reference

D. Formatting Cells
Formatting numbers using the Ribbon
Formatting text using the Ribbon
Using the Alignment and Indentation commands
Rotating information in a cell
Wrapping text in a cell
Using the Merge and Center command
Using the Borders command
Formatting cells using the Format Cells dialog box
Using the Format Painter command

E. Working with Columns and Rows
Selecting columns and rows pt. 1
Selecting columns and rows pt. 2
Changing column width
Changing row height
Hiding and unhiding columns and rows
Inserting columns
Inserting rows
Deleting columns and rows
Inserting and deleting cells

F. Styles, Themes, and Tables
Using cell styles
Creating a custom cell style by example
Creating a custom cell style
Deleting a custom cell style
Modifying a custom cell style
Importing custom cell styles
Using themes
Customizing themes
Formatting as a table pt. 1
Formatting as a table pt. 2
Creating a custom table style pt. 1
Creating a custom table style pt. 2
Deleting a custom table style

G. Workbook Views and Page Setup
Using Normal view
Using Page Layout view
Using the Layout tab
Changing the margins
Changing the page orientation and paper size
Setting manual page breaks
Setting repeat titles
Creating headers and footers pt. 1
Creating headers and footers pt. 2
Using the Page Setup dialog box

H. Printing
Using Print and Print Preview
Using Share
Setting print areas
Adding to and clearing print areas

Length of Subscription: 12 Months Online On-Demand Access
Running Time: 5 hrs 4 min
Platform:  MAC
Level: Intro
Project Files: Included

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