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Exam Description

Become a qualified web page developer when you take the Site Development Associate exam – at a time of your choosing. This exam is for those who have completed the CIW Site Development Associate course. They will have gained the skills to create basic web pages and would now like the corresponding qualification as a reward for their work – and to be able to prove their developing value to new or potential employers.

The CIW Site Development Associate course and exam are aimed at:

  • Students at high school or college – seeking a place in higher education or their first career position
  • Professionals in a wide range of sectors which actively benefit from Internet technology, including:
    • Information technology
    • Healthcare
    • Law
    • Marketing
    • Graphic Design

Key points

The CIW Site Development Associate exam 1D0-61B lasts for 30 minutes and contains 30 questions. To pass the exam, candidates will need to achieve a score of 63.33%, demonstrating a range of knowledge and skills, including:

  • Identifying: design and colour principles for web pages – and using them; essential website navigation issues, ensuring page / site accessibility; steps in the website planning and development process; management, testing and legal issues in developing a website; the benefits and drawbacks of running your own web server using a service provider; and common strategies for managing an end-user’s experience.
  • Defining: XML and identifying its features and appropriate use; essential aspects of CSS – and using them; and e-commerce and related technologies and concepts necessary to develop a secure, useful interface.
  • Demonstrating: the knowledge required to build a web page; knowledge of languages commonly used to provide database connectivity to websites.
  • Using: the most current version of HTML5 to create web pages; and GUI-based HTML editing software to create web pages;
  • Adding images and graphical formatting to HTML files, and create and edit images and audio.
  • Creating a basic HTML form that accepts user input.
  • Testing and analysing website performance issues.
  • Planning and delivering oral presentations of your website, during and after development.
  • Considering copyright and ethical issues when creating web pages.

Advantages of this course

  • Passing this exam qualifies candidates to develop basic websites.
  • Upon achieving a score of at least 63.33% in the exam, candidates will get instant confirmation of their new qualification.
  • It is ideal for students aiming for a place in higher education or their first position within a technology-based career, or professionals looking to widen their skills base and increase their value at work.
  • CIW certifications don’t expire; once you are CIW certified, you retain your status forever, regardless of if and when we update the exam.
  • An official CIW Certification Practice Exam is available, which enables candidates to instantly evaluate their level of knowledge and readiness to become certified.
  • New lesson quizzes are also available on CIW Online, and can be found on each of the lesson pages in the Online Resources.
  • Exam scores may be challenged if candidates feel there is a legitimate reason for doing so, such as a question mark over the validity of item content.

NOTE: The course for this exam can be found HERE : The Course with the exam can be found HERE.

Exam Detail

Online Exam Access : 1 Year
Compatibility : Windows, Mac

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