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Course Description

No matter what your education level or time constraints are, the CIW JavaScript Specialist course is devised with your passion for learning in mind. Over the years, the option to study online from anywhere has become a widely appealing choice for students keen to build up valuable knowledge, and for business professionals looking to brush up on a particular skill set.

In today's thriving world of IT and e-commerce, there is without a doubt a rising demand for JavaScript developers who possess the intricate knowledge that's needed to maintain, restore and advance web applications. So this is certainly a course to consider studying if you have a strong interest in web development and programming or wish to advance your career prospects.

Companies across many sectors are calling out for IT experts who can successfully design dynamic and platform-independent solutions for their businesses, and that's where this course is most effective.

In this sought-after online learning programme, discover the essentials of JavaScript language, how to implement features and concepts, and how to master a diverse skill set to help you become knowledgeable within a personal or professional capacity - wherever you choose to apply your technical expertise. This course is ideal for students with a love for web development, as well as the likes of software and application developers who are seeking to fully understand the many concepts behind JavaScript language. The course structure will equipt those who have an interest in HTML with the technical skills needed to build powerful and functional web applications.

Key learning points

Delivered exclusively online, the CIW JavaScript Specialist course is broken down into a manageable syllabus so that you can easily take on board and digest the key points being studied. For beginners with no prior JavaScript knowledge or intermediate level students, expect to learn the following framework:

  • At the tip of the iceberg is an introduction to scripting, typical JavaScript characteristics, and client-side vs server-side applications.
  • Learn how to communicate with users, work with variables and data in JavaScript and produce interactive applications.
  • Grasp how to control program flow and cover the decisional program flow.
  • Discover popular JavaScript language objects and how to validate interactive forms.
  • Build up a working knowledge of security issues such as dealing with malicious and accidental coding, creating secure code for cookies, script blocking and cross-site scripting (XSS).
  • Explore what it takes to create animated imagery and other custom objects needed to build dynamic web applications.
  • Learn how to amend X/HTML text on the fly, and expect to study any Copyright issues in relation to JavaScript technology.

Advantages of this course

The advantages of studying this in-depth course are many, and students will gain advanced knowledge about the ins and outs of JavaScript language.

  • Learn at your leisure, at any time and from any device. No classrooms involved, just a full interactive learning experience.
  • Dramatically improve your employability factor with the practical web programming skills you've learned here.
  • Solopreneurs and freelance web programmers can easily apply their new found JavaScript awareness and skill set when marketing their own services. Those who thrive in a group business environment can also apply their knowledge when it comes to getting that all important job promotion.
  • Achieve a strong foundation for progression onto the CIW JavaScript Specialist exam.

This course of study is an ideal stepping stone if you're looking for career or personal advancement in the area of JavaScript language and web technologies. Why not sign up today and take your first step towards success!

Units of Study

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Working with Variables and Data in JavaScript
  • Functions, Methods and Events in JavaScript
  • Controlling Program Flow in JavaScript
  • The JavaScript Document Object Model (DOM)
  • JavaScript Language Objects
  • Developing Interactive Forms with JavaScript
  • JavaScript Security
  • Custom JavaScript Objects
  • Changing X/HTML on the Fly
  • JavaScript Libraries
  • JavaScript and AJAX
  • Debugging and Troubleshooting JavaScript
NOTE: The exam for this course can be found HERE : The Course bundled with the exam can be found HERE.

Course Detail

Online Access : 1 Year
Compatibility : Windows, Mac
Exam Included : No

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