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Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX Online Training Course

Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX Online Training Course


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Course Description

Build rich, dynamic, and interactive web applications with the Microsoft AJAX Library. This video series, explores not only the slick user interface controls, but goes deeper into the backbone of a web application. You'll also learn how to work with security, data access, and services orientation so that you can build a robust end-to-end application using Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX and the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit.

Example Video

Course Outline

Chapter 1: SETTING UP ASP.NET AJAX (15 min)

    1. What is ASP.NET AJAX?
    2. What to Install
    3. Our Focus in This Series
    4. Looking Ahead at the Final Project

    Chapter 2: DATA BINDING WITH ASP.NET AJAX (29 min)

      1. Creating an AJAX-Enabled Web Site
      2. Setting Up a Theme & Using Skins
      3. Creating a Bindable Object Layer with
      4. Bind an AJAX-Enabled Application to an Object Layer
      5. Working with Update Panels & Content Templates
      6. Working with Triggers
      7. Working with Update Progress Controls

      Chapter 3: CLIENT CALLABLE WEB SERVICES (19 min)

        1. Build a New Web Service & Add a Web Method
        2. Creating a Script-Callable Web Service
        3. Adding a Web Form
        4. Adding Content to the Web Form Panels
        5. Adding Code to Call the Web Service

        Chapter 4: AUTHENTICATION & PROFILE SERVICES (23 min)

          1. Working with a Custom Profile Provider
          2. Writing Code to Store Settings
          3. Loading the Profile
          4. Creating Login Functionality
          5. Creating Functionality to Register a User

          Chapter 5: THE AJAX CONTROL TOOLKIT (36 min)

            1. What is the AJAX Control Toolkit
            2. Working with the AJAX Sample Toolkit
            3. Working with the RoundedCornerExtender
            4. Adding Interaction with the DragPanelExtender
            5. Getting Default Watermark Behavior
            6. Working with Animation
            7. Creating a Modal Login

            Chapter 6: PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER (6 min)

              1. Why AJAX & What You've Learned
              2. Final Comments & Credits

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              • Length of Subscription: 12 Months Online On-Demand Access
              • Running Time: 2.2 Hours
              • Platform: Windows & MAC OS
              • Level: Beginner to Intermediate
              • Project Files: Included

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