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Adobe Audition CS6 Essentials Online Course

Adobe Audition CS6 Essentials Online Course


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Course Description

Our Adobe Audition CS6 online course teaches you how to use this full-featured audio post-production and editing software to create professional audio files and multitrack sessions for video, radio, music, games, and more.

We start by getting you familiar with the workspace and sessions, introducing you to the waveform and multitrack editors, and showing you how to import, extract and record audio. Once you are comfortable with the basics, we move on to lessons for audio editing, working with impressive real-time effects, audio restoration and noise reduction.

You'll then move on to more intermediate topics, including working with loops and markers, automation, routing and multitrack audio mixing. The final lessons cover working with audio and video, integration with Premiere Pro, and output formats, including exporting to OMF & FCP XML, mastering your audio and burning it to CD.

By the time you complete this course, you'll be able to work confidently in Audition CS6, using the intuitive tools and interface for audio editing, mixing, restoration, and effects. You will be up to speed on the key new features of this version including working with control surfaces, real-time clip stretching and automatic speech alignment, and your new skills will allow you to quickly and easily output professionally polished audio for your next film, broadcast or game project.

Course Outline


1.Introducing the Workspace
2.Setting Up Input & Output Devices
3.Working with Control Surfaces
4.Customizing Appearance Preferences
5.Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts

Chapter 2: WORKSPACE & SESSIONS   (31 min)

1.Navigating Time & Playing Audio
2.Customizing the Workspace
3.Opening, Saving & Closing Files
4.Working with the Media Browser
5.Creating Session Templates
6.Working with Metadata & XMP®


1.Working between Waveform & Multitrack View
2.Zooming & Navigating
3.Views & Toolbars
4.Mixer Panel Overview

Chapter 4: IMPORTING & RECORDING AUDIO   (17 min)

1.Importing Files into the File Panel
2.Inserting Audio Files into a Multitrack Session
3.Adding, Arranging & Naming Tracks
4.Extracting Audio from a CD
5.Recording Audio in the Waveform Editor
6.Recording Audio in the Multitrack Editor

Chapter 5: AUDIO EDITING   (25 min)

1.Selecting Audio Waveform Ranges
2.Previewing Edits with Skip Selection & Using the Crop Command
3.Using Multiple Clipboards
4.Utilizing Zero Crossing Points & Snapping
5.Realtime Clip Stretching
6.Visually Fading & Changing Amplitude

Chapter 6: WORKING WITH EFFECTS   (34 min)

1.Introducing the Effects Rack
2.Applying Reverb Effects
3.Applying EQ Effects
4.Applying DeEsser Effects
5.Dynamics Processing
6.Correcting Pitch
7.Generating Tones
8.Adding Third Party Effects


1.Capturing a Noise Print & Noise Reduction Options
2.Adaptive Noise Reduction
3.Removing Clicks
4.Reducing Noise in the Spectral Display
5.Reducing Hiss


1.Looping Clips in a Multitrack Session
2.Making Loops in the Waveform Editor
3.Working with Markers
4.Creating Playlists
5.Modifying Metronome & Tempo Settings

Chapter 9: AUTOMATION & ROUTING AUDIO   (29 min)

1.Creating & Managing Favorites
2.Matching Volume Across Audio Files
3.Creating Volume & Pan Track Envelopes
4.Automating Effects & Mixes
5.Routing Audio to Bus Tracks

Chapter 10: MULTITRACK AUDIO MIXING   (22 min)

1.Clip Grouping
2.Balancing Tracks Using the Mixer Panel
3.Using Clip Effects vs. Track Effects
4.Surround Sound Track Panning

Chapter 11: WORKING WITH AUDIO & VIDEO   (17 min)

1.Importing Video
2.Integrating with Premiere Pro
3.Using Automatic Speech Alignment

Chapter 12: OUTPUT FORMATS   (21 min)

1.Saving Audio to Different File Formats
2.Exporting to OMF & FCP XML
3.Batch Processing File Conversions
4.Mastering Audio for Output
5.Burning Audio to CD

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  • Length of Subscription: 12 Months Online On-Demand Access
  • Running Time: 4.6 Hours
  • Platform: Windows & MAC OS
  • Level: Beginner to Intermediate

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