Microsoft Excel 2019 Beginner to Advanced Training Course

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Course Overview

This Two Part Mastering Excel 2019 course includes basic, intermediate, and advanced level lessons....

Learn about functions, charts, macros, Sparklines, and so much more.  By the time you’ve completed this 16+ hour training, you’ll be a Microsoft Excel master.

Length: 16 hrs

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Course Description

Microsoft Excel 2019 - Beginners (7 Hours)
With the Microsoft Excel 2019 - Beginners’ course, you will gain a solid grounding in the basics of Excel and progress towards becoming more confident with spreadsheets. This 7-hour Microsoft Excel 2019 course is perfect for those brand new to Excel and who are using Excel 2019 or Excel 365 editions. In this course, your expert author gives you a solid grounding in the basics of Excel and guides you towards becoming more confident with spreadsheets.

What You’ll Learn

  • What’s new in Excel 2019
  • Creating workbooks
  • Entering text, numbers and working with dates
  • Navigating workbooks
  • Page setup and print options
  • Working with rows, columns and cells
  • Cut, Copy and Paste
  • Introduction to functions and formulas
  • Formatting in Excel, including formatting cells and numbers
  • Creating charts and graphs
  • Sorting and Filtering
  • Introduction to PivotTables
  • Logical and lookup formulas - the basics


Microsoft Excel 2019 - Advanced (9 Hours)

In this Microsoft Excel 2019 - Advanced course, you will learn:

  • What’s new/different in Excel 2019
  • Advanced charting and graphing in Excel
  • How to use detailed formatting tools
  • Lookup and advanced lookup functions
  • Financial functions including calculating interest and depreciation
  • Statistical functions
  • Connecting to other workbooks and datasets outside of Excel e.g. MS Access and the web.
  • How to create awesome visualizations using sparklines and data bars
  • Mastery of PivotTables and Pivot Charts
  • Scenario Manager, Goal Seek and Solver
  • Advanced charts such as Surface, Radar, Bubble and Stock Charts


Course Format

  • This is a video-led course.
  • This course includes practice exercises so you can practice as you learn.
  • This course is suitable for Windows users.


Course Outlines

Microsoft Excel 2019 Beginners

1: Intro to Excel
Intro to Excel
What's New In Excel 2019?
Course Overview
Overview of the Excel window
Mouse Features
Back Stage View

2. Creating Workbooks
Entering Text and Numbers
Creating Basic Formulas
Relative References
Order of Operations
Working with Ranges
Module 2 - Practice Exercise

3. Saving Workbooks
Working with the Save and Save As Commands
File Extensions, Share, Export, and Publish Files
Module 3 - Practice Exercise

4. Navigating Workbooks
Opening a File
Working with Larger Files
Freeze Panes Option
Split Screen Option
Module 4 - Practice Exercise

5. Page Setup and Print Options
Headers and Footers
Print Titles
Page Setup Options
Fit to Print on One Page
Printing Workbooks
Module 5 - Practice Exercise

6. Working with Rows, Columns, and Cells
Adding and deleting rows columns and cells
Changing Column and Row Widths
Module 6 - Practice Exercise

7. Moving Data
Cut, Copy, and Paste
Copying Formulas
Module 7 - Practice Exercise

8. Formulas and Functions
Overview of Formulas
Create Formulas Using Functions - part1
Create Formulas Using Functions - part 2
Absolute Values
Module 8 - Practice Exercise

9. Working with Sheets
Adding, Deleting, and Renaming Sheets
Additional Sheet Tab Options
3 Dimensional Formulas
Module 9 - Practice Exercise

10. Formatting Worksheets
Formatting Cells - part 1
Formatting Cells - part 2
Formatting Numbers
Borders and Shading
Format as Table
Using Styles
Using Format Painter
Protecting Sheets
Fill Handle and Custom Lists
Module 10 - Practice Exercise

11. Charts
Creating Charts
Types of Charts
Editing Charts - Part 1
Editing Charts - Part 2
Using Graphics to Enhance Charts
Linking Chart Titles
Module 11 - Practice Exercise

12. Working with Names
Creating Range Names
Managing Names
Using Names in Formulas
Module 12 - Practice Exercise

13. Sorting and Filtering
Remove Duplicates
Sort Data
Filter Data
Advanced Filters
Module 13 - Practice Exercise

14. Outlining and Subtotaling
Creating an Outline
Module 14 - Practice Exercise

15. Working with Views
Arranging Files
New Window Option
Custom Views
Module 15 - Practice Exercise

16. Linking Files
Creating Formulas between Files
Working with Links
Consolidating Data
Module 16 - Practice Exercise

17. Advanced Formula Creation
If Statements
Data Validation
Formula Auditing
Module 17 - Practice Exercise

18. PivotTables
Pivot Charts
Module 18 - Practice Exercise

19. Additional Excel Features
Goal Seeker
Text to Columns
Watch Window
Customizing Ribbons and Tabs
Module 19 - Practice Exercise

20. Shortcuts
Excel Shortcuts Every User Should Know

21. Closing
Closing Video


Microsoft Excel 2019 Advanced

Chapter 1: Introduction to Excel 2019 Advanced Course
Prerequisites of the Course and Version of Excel
Course Structure

Chapter 2: Functions
Functions - Part 1
Functions - Part 2

Chapter 3: Date and Time Functions
How Date and Time Works
Basic Date and Time Functions
Complex Date and Time Functions

Chapter 4: Text Functions
Using Text Functions - Part 1
Using Text Functions - Part 2

Chapter 5: Logical Functions
Using Logical Functions
Exercise 01

Chapter 6: Lookup Functions
HLOOKUP Function
VLOOKUP Function
Exercise 02

Chapter 7: Financial Functions
Financial Functions and Terminology
Personal Financial Functions
Professional Financial Functions
Exercise 03

Chapter 8: Statistical Functions
Statistical Functions for Description - Part 1
Statistical Functions for Description - Part 2
Statistical Functions for Forecasting - Part 1
Statistical Functions for Forecasting - Part 2
Exercise 04
One Click Forecasting
Statistical Functions for Inference

Chapter 9: Connecting to External Data
Connecting to Other Workbooks
Connecting to Access Databases
Connecting to Web Data Sources
Get and Transform
Exercise 05

Chapter 10: Tables
Introduction to Tables
Working with Tables
Table References
Table Styles
Exercise 06

Chapter 11: Pivot Tables
Introduction to Pivot Tables
Working with Pivot Tables
Filters and Slicers
Pivot Charts
Exercise 07

Chapter 12: Data Analysis
What If Analysis
Scenario Manager
Goal Seek
Exercise 08

Chapter 13: Graphs and Charts
Area Charts
Surface Charts
Radar Charts
Bubble Charts
Stock Charts
Exercise 09

Chapter 14: Excel Web App
Introduction to Excel Web App
Using the Excel Web App

Chapter 15: Course Conclusion
Closing Message


Learn anytime, anywhere, at home or on the go.
Length of Subscription: 12 Months Online On-Demand Access
Running Time: 10 hours 10 min
Platform: Windows & MAC OS
Level: Beginner to Advanced

Stream your training via the internet, or download to your computer and supported mobile device, including iPad™, iPhone™, iPod™ Touch and most Android devices.

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